Brand Thinking & Design Across Cultures
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we make you shine. like the sky of Buenos Aires

Who we are?

A brand design agency with a difference.

Our global clients call it a certain “Je ne sais quoi.” In short, we speak beautiful design, in all languages.

Our Story
travel... it inspires us.

What do we offer?

We create rich designs and media experiences.

Like our international
team, our designs
transcends borders
and cultures.

So your brand makes
maximum impact.

travel... it inspires us.
we landed in Argentina for love Brands transcends borders, and so do we
Taniebrand® - Tanie® - Brands transcend borders, and so dowe.
Stefanie Ambrois, Founder & Creative mind.
Bernardo Charadía, Creative Director.
Ariel Champagna, New Business Development.
Santiago Colombo, Typographer.
Flor Lorea, Motion Designer.
Mathieu Ambrois, Web Master.
Carolina Hernando, Digital Illustrator.
Mariana Yomal, Composer.
Fer Escurra, Graphic Designer.
Floren Gajate, Graphic Designer.
Taniebrand® - t. Tanie®Services
we work from anywhere

Founded in 2005

Based in Buenos Aires.

We draw on a talent pool from all around the world.

Taniebrand® - Tanie® - Brands transcend borders, and so do we. Taniebrand® - t. Tanie® To see our full portfolio, please click here.
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say about us
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